As you already know, at Miphai we are dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of party dresses with a single objective: to make you look spectacular on that special day.

The most important thing for the entire Miphai team is that each one of you, our clients, be completely satisfied with the party dresses that we send you; but also that the purchase is a pleasant experience, in which you feel comfortable and safe. For example, if you are at a wedding on wedding hairstyle It is not more important than the dress.

For us, the whole process is just as important, from the first question you ask us on the web, by WhatsApp, Instagram or by phone to the reception of the photo that you send us at the event wearing the dress that you fell in love with. Between one point and the other we go through many moments, in which we analyze your tastes and the type of event to find out which dress suits you best, shipping, fitting, color changes and the necessary modifications that we make until you finally decide that fits you like a glove.

Our philosophy and our way of being make us take each of those moments as unique; because we know that for you it is!!

After a year and a half we are happy to know that all the reviews you leave us on Google are 5 stars, but the most important thing is not the stars but the messages you leave us. For this reason, from here we want to thank you, because with these messages and many others that you send us every day, you make us continue striving to build a unique fashion brand, with which everyone can wear a high-quality dress. , that puts all our clients in the center, because the most important thing, without a doubt, is that you look great on that special day.

Here we leave you the link with your reviews: click here.

Thanks, again!