HOPEFULLY. Joy and elegance.

OJALÁ. Alegría y elegancia.

In the narrow cobblestone streets of Seville, where the sun gilts the white walls and the shadows dance to the rhythm of the breeze, a new collection of dresses is born that captures the very essence of this charming city.

"Holy" is the name of this ode to passion and tradition, a collection that transports those who wear it to a world of elegance and romance, imbued with the vibrant spirit of Seville.

The new collection radiates an explosion of vibrant colors and floral prints, all inspired by the contagious energy and joy of the city of Seville. The fusion of colors and prints that create a symphony that makes them the perfect balance accomplice of both styles: joy and elegance.

The dresses in this collection are infused with bold hues that capture the essence of the resplendent sun that bathes its streets. Furthermore, they awaken a sense of nostalgia for the city that they capture in its essence.

Every time someone slips into one of these dresses, they embark on a magical journey through the cobblestone streets and orange-scented courtyards of the city that inspired their creation.

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