The TOP suppliers for your wedding!

Vestido de novia blanco

Are you organizing your wedding and don't know where to start? Keep calm, friend!

We give you a couple of tricks to make your wedding as EPIC as ours. And you know! If you have a friend, cousin, sister who is getting married, forward everything to her, you will look great. Start aiming!

First things first!

Like @airefresko.weddings there is no other WeddingPlanner. He made sure everything was just as we imagined for such a special and significant campaign.

And what can you tell us about the decoration?

Both the bouquet and all the floral decoration are the work of @bloomsfloresyeventos . The rental of @attrezzatura_es material

Everything so spectacular!


Until you cut the cake... Can you say you're really married? It's so spectacular, and it's the work of @pepelilymadrid .

A triumphant entry

@unabodamagica 's smoke flares will ensure that you have a memorable entrance that everyone will remember! They have thousands of colors.

With a classic car

But if they are going to talk about something, it is this spectacular car from @veryvipcars, they have many options to choose from.

A farm to dream

And the most important and difficult thing is to find a property that meets everything we need. @finca_unagua is the perfect place for it... A dream.

Details that make the difference

And finally, if you are going to celebrate your wedding outdoors, don't forget special details like these paipais and parasols from @lajuar_studio so that your guests are only thinking about enjoying the day.

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