SOLEA. New SS24 collection

SOLEÁ. Nueva colección SS24

With Arabic air and inspiration we bring you the new spring-summer 2024 collection called SOLEÁ.

On the horizon of a world where cultures intertwine with each other, like threads when weaving, the story of our girl emerges, a young woman who exudes confidence and unique beauty.

Soleá, gives name to the new collection, designed in vibrant and cheerful colors that will become your own canvas of expression.

The fiery tones and lush greens surround it with passionate energy, while the turquoise and yellow tones give it that inner light that radiates security and joy. Each garment is a chapter in its story.

Our girl is passionate about discovering new cultures and soaking up the exotic. Soleá combines the strength of two worlds that converge in harmony. The elegance of Arabic inspiration intertwines with the vitality of Spanish fashion, creating a symphony of style that resonates with its own essence.

Our girl wraps herself in Soleá, and not only looks beautiful, but also feels like the owner of her own destiny. The confidence she radiates comes not just from what she wears, but from the authenticity that comes from within her, from self-confidence.

Get ready to dance like our girl to the rhythm of Soleá, writing a story where beauty and confidence intertwine and reminding us that fashion is more than just a dress, it is the manifestation of true beauty, that which resides in the heart of each one of you
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