10 cocktail dresses

10 vestidos de cóctel

If you are looking for a look for events and neither long nor mini dresses convince you, cocktail dresses are the ideal solution. Perfect for summer weddings and parties, these dresses have become very popular. Brands like Miphai , which dresses Princess Leonor, offer special options.

Claudine dress

In 2022, with many celebrations underway, these dresses combine current trends while maintaining your personal style. We highlight a Miphai dress in midnight blue , with marked shoulders and feather details, ideal for day or night weddings, available for 218 euros. This piece is an example of how cocktail dresses can be versatile and fashionable. Also available in bougainvillea and red.

Claudine Bougainvillea dress

Red Claudine Dress

Text: Telva

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